Saturday, May 25, 2013

Target Audience - Episode 1: Upping the Ante

Luke puts you, the audience, on target, as he and guest host Kevin (POW W.O.W. & The Nerd Fire Podcast) discuss the sequels that beat out their original films.

Originally released August 17, 2011

In re-listening (and re-editing this show), I got the chance to revisit my first foray into podcasting.  I was joined in this maiden voyage by my brother, Kevin, who has his own long running podcast, now called Darkmoon Herald that focuses on World of Warcraft.  Enjoy!

Friday, May 24, 2013

What is this?

Due to some mild interest and my unyielding desire to talk, I will be posting historical episodes of my podcast, Target Audience.  Some of you may be coming here from the Talkin' the Plank Podcast, a podcast laser focused on the MMO Pirate101.  Some of you may have just stumbled onto this.  Either way, welcome!

I'm going to start posting the 30 or so episodes of this show that I recorded.  I will also include in the description when each episode originally posted, so you can tell exactly how dated they were.

The idea is to not just preserve my work (some 40 hours worth of content) and give fans of the Talkin' the Plank podcast something to listen to when my son is born  next month and I don't have much time to post, but also, it's for my own vanity.  I am great.  And the content of the podcasts will in no way show otherwise . . . guaranteed!*

*not actually guaranteed